Our children take flying from the nest seriously.  As you can see from the theme picture our offspring live in various cities of the U.S.  Each magnet on the map represents one of our adult kiddos.  We prepared for this season their whole lives, but didn’t expect it to come so fast!

I’ve discovered parenting doesn’t end when they leave the nest…it just changes.  It’s not necessarily easier…but is weightier.  They still need us…but in a different way. The empty nest is a whole new world of navigating the art of parenting in a way that (hopefully) strives to meet the need of each amazing person God has placed in our family.

It is an honor to be mom to four amazing, unique adults navigating this difficult world. My husband and I have enjoyed every season with our kids…but we like the empty nest the best!

My first musing is…don’t dread the empty nest!  Instead, prepare for it – just as you would any other season of life.  More to come in future posts, but life isn’t over when the kids leave – it’s just the beginning of a great, new adventure where you can sleep in (when you’re not working); enjoy a house that stays tidy; eat when and what you want; go to the bathroom by yourself; stay home some evenings; and SO much more! So wherever you are in your parenting, begin now planning for how you will spend those years when your children are on their own.  And remember…it’s not the end of anything – but the beginning of a great adventure!