From the time they are toddling and talking the male gender craves admiration and cheering-on from the important female in their life. So they say it – every day and every event – “Watch me, Momma, watch me!” It’s in their DNA. It doesn’t mean they’re insecure or flawed. Girls share the need, but to a different degree.

Until my three sons have/had a better half I make an effort to “be there” for important and not-so-important events. I pull out those exclamatory adjectives and my imaginary pom-poms and become their biggest fan. If we don’t tell them how amazing they are, who will?

I’m not suggesting we should lie if our guys are bad at something, but we should maximize or magnify their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. If we are students of our sons from birth we will know what makes them tick and what helps them feel loved and important. It will be different for each one. As long as we’re allowed input into their life we should be a positive influence.

If men believe the women in their life think they’re awesome, they can conquer anything. What a privileged role for us!

So…be a paparazzi mom – take pictures and videos – make them feel successful and good about themselves. Get in front of the world standing in line to tear them down. Start now – it’s never too late!

Need suggestions for your cheer routine? Here are just a few:

That was amazing!

You’re so good at that!

Do it again!

That was a 10!

Good job!

I love to watch you!