Many days as moms we feel more is expected of us than we have to give. Between children, husbands, jobs, volunteer positions, and housework – there is more to do than the day or our energy holds. Most women don’t have to be coached on how to love our family and nurture our children. Last on our never ending to-do list may be to love and nurture ourselves.

Your family wants you to be healthy and fulfilled. Some days it may feel like they want to drain the life out of you with all their demands and needs, but in reality they want you to be a strong woman who sets boundaries for yourself in order to live out God’s plan and purpose for your life – even through the years of endless diapers and laundry and homework and ballgames.

Think of your life as a bucket. Be aware of what fills and drains your bucket. It’s different for everyone. Enlist your family to help make sure your bucket stays filled so you have enough to give out…with joy. If you settle for a lifestyle of deficit no one benefits. You can’t always be the fountain of life for others.

Begin by listing what fills your bucket. What makes you feel fulfilled and full to overflowing? Meet with your husband and family about changes that can be made to give you margin to pursue health. I am an introvert and a homebody. My bucket is filled by quiet time in my home. When we had kids at home that included being alone. My husband was more of a go-go gadget when the kids were little and he would take them on fun adventures to allow me time at home. He even sent me on several mommy vacations for the ultimate retreat and re-filling.

So consider taking some time to ponder your own bucket. What changes does your family need to make to empower you in a positive direction? What activities and demands do you need to remove and/or add to keep the fill flowing versus draining? You may be surprised by your family’s positive response.

No apologies needed for carving out time to be a better you. Go Girl!